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Advantage® 1000 Riot Control Canister
Fits Advantage® 1000 Riot Control Gas Masks and protects against numerous airborne contaminants.

Cat. No. 817590MSA

Advantage® 1000 Riot Control Gas Masks
Advantage® 1000 Riot Control Gas Mask comes with a canister, nose cup, and flexible lens with Hycar rubber facepiece.

Cat. No. 813859MSA

Advantage® 200 LS Respirators
Get a safety advantage with the advanced design of the Advantage® 200 LS Respirator - the first half-mask developed exclusively for people who wear respirators.

Cat. No. ADV 200 LS RESP

Advantage® 3200 Twin Port Respirators
The Advantage® 3200 Air-Purifying Respirator, from industry leader MSA, is designed to lower breathing resistance, while the nose cup reduces fogging. Plus, the optically correct facepiece lens has been engineered to eliminate distortion ..


Advantage® 400 Series Half-Mask Respirators
Uniquely designed to incorporate user-friendly features including maximum comfort, improved donning and fit, enhanced safety, and reduced maintenance cost

Cat. No. ADV 420 HALF MASK

Advantage® Respirator Cartridges
Cartridges fit all Advantage® Half-Mask and Full-Facepiece Respirators


Air Cylinders
Choose from a complete line of air cylinders, including lightweight carbon, economical aluminum or affordable composite.

Cat. No. MSA-AC

AirHawk® II SCBA w/ AirFrame™ Carrier & Harness & Harness Assembly
AirHawk II Industrial Air Mask - Adv 4000, Medium Hycar, Polyester Net Head Harness, L30 Stealth Carbon Cylinder (30 Minutes), No Case, Blackns.

Cat. No. 10095807MSA

Ambu® Res-Cue CPR Mask Kit
The Ambu Res-Cue 6-Piece Kit is designed to provide protected rescue breathing for any patient of any age group.

Cat. No. M573AMBUAC

Arsenal® 5080 SCBA Mask Bags
Storing a SCBA mask only takes a minute with Ergodyne®'s Model 5080 SCBA Mask Bag. Arsenal™ ensures masks will be protected and ready for use when needed.

Cat. No. L-13080EG

Arsenal® 5182/5183 Half & Full Mask Respirator Bags
Arsenal™ Respirator Bags, from Ergodyne®, carry a half-mask or a full-mask. They're tough too, thanks to 420-denier construction.


BP1000 Series Backpack Adapter
Convert your half mask or full facepiece to a welding respirator with this welding attachment.

Cat. No. BP1002HW

Canisters for Advantage® 1000 Riot Control Agent Gas Mask
Canisters for Advantage® 1000 Riot Control Agent Gas Mask

Cat. No. L-817590MSA

Cartridges for Signature Series™ Respirators
Comfo Elite® Silicone Respirators NIOSH approved. 2/Pkg


CBRN and Riot Control Gas Masks
The Millennium® CBRN Gas Mask is a Hycar version of the military-style gas mask used by the US Air Force in Desert Storm.

Cat. No. CRBN Gas Masks

Comfo Classic® Respirators
Comfo Classic® Respirators


Comfo® Respirator Cartridges
Comfo® Respirator Cartridges


Confidence Plus® Cleaner
Cleaner and disinfectant is effective against a host of micro-organisms. EPA approved for use on safety equipment.

Cat. No. 10009971MSA

EcoSafety Cotton Logo Mask
These 100% premium cotton face masks are comfortable, lightweight and feature beautifully digitally printed design

Cat. No. ESW-M

Flexi-Filter® Pads for Advantage® Respirators
Low-profile, Flexi-Filter® pads work under welding hoods as well as other personal protective equipment.


Gerson® N100 Smart-Mask 10/Box.
The N100 Smart Mask is a NIOSH approved particulate respirator for lead paint removal.

Cat. No. 2180CGN

Gerson® N95 Disposable Particulate Respirators
These cup-style Disposable Respirators


Gerson® P95 Pre-Filters for Signature Series™ Respirators
These Pre-Filters are for all Gerson® Signature Series™ Cartridge Respirators.

Cat. No. G95PGN

Gerson® Pre-Filter Retainer for Signature Series™ Respirators
These Filter Retainers fit G01 Organic Vapor Cartridges and are NIOSH approved. 2/Pkg.

Cat. No. 172GN

Gerson® R95 Welding Fume Disposable Respirator w/ Exhalation Valve
This Gerson® Welding Respirator, with the Comfort Maxx Exhalation Valve, offers exceptionally low exhalation pressure and greater comfort

Cat. No. 1840GN

Gerson® Signature One-Step™ Maintenance-Free Half Mask Respirators
on-allergenic Signature One-Step™ Maintenance-Free Half Mask Respirators

Cat. No. L-8211GN

Gerson® Signature Select™ Low Maintenance Half Mask Respirator
These non-allergenic, lightweight elastomeric Low Maintenance Respirators

Cat. No. L-9200GN

Gerson®P100 Particulate Filters for Signature Series™ Respirators
P100 Particulate Filters for Signature Series™ Respirators

Cat. No. L-G70GN

Honeywell ER5000 Escape Breathing Apparatus
For escape situations that require greater exertion (walking up stairs, climbing, etc.)

Cat. No. L-HWERA

Honeywell PR500 Mask-Mounted PAPR
The compact, lightweight engineered design of the PR500 Mask-Mounted PAPR provides a constant flow of cool air and respiratory protection to workers in the harshest environments

Cat. No. PR501

Honeywell Survivair Cougar SCBA
The Survivair Cougar is an industrial SCBA for users who do not require the firefighting features of an NFPA-compliant SCBA but still need the finest respiratory protection against environments that are Immediately Dangerous to Life or Health (IDLH).

Cat. No. Cougar

Honeywell Survivair Puma SCBA
The Survivair Puma SCBA offers an alternative to industrial users who have hard-to-fit faces or who prefer to wear street glasses.

Cat. No. Puma

Honeywell TITAN SCBA
Honeywell TITAN. Breathing new life into your SCBA.

Cat. No. TITAN

Honeywell® Filter, P100 Pancake
North® Filter, P100 Pancake

Cat. No. 75FFP100HW

Honeywell® 3000 Series Half Mask
Survivair 3000 Gray Half Mask Respirator w/MC/P100 Cartridges Large in ClamShell

Cat. No. 375884HW

Honeywell® 5400 Series Full Facepiece Respirator
Made from a chemical resistant elastomer material, the North® 5400 Series Full Facepiece Respirator provides the comfort and protection workers need.

Cat. No. 54001HW

Honeywell® 5500 Series Elastomeric Half Mask
The North® 5500 Half Mask is the economical choice for the occasional user, contractor, or as a "visitor’s mask".

Cat. No. 550030

Honeywell® 7700 Series Silicone Half Mask
The 7700 Half Mask, by North®, has proven itself for over 25 years, protecting workers in some of the harshest environments imaginable

Cat. No. 770030

Honeywell® 7900 Series Mouthbit Respirators
North® Mouthbit Respirators offer a quick and economical method to escape non-IDLH emergency situations.

Cat. No. L-790

Honeywell® Cartridge
North® Cartridge, Sold in pairs

Cat. No. North® Cartridge,

Honeywell® Filter, P100
P100 Particulate Filter offers 99.97% efficiency for all particulates. NIOSH approved. Sold in pairs.

Cat. No. 7580P100HW

Honeywell® Pre-Filter, N95 10/Pkg.
N95 Prefilters offer 95% efficiency for non-oil based aerosol particulates.

Cat. No. 7506N95HW

Honeywell® Respirator Bag
For 7900 Series Mouthbit Respirators and 7190 Welding Mask. Includes Velcro® closure

Cat. No. 79BAGHW

Honeywell® Respirator Refresher Wipe Pads 100 ct
Respirator Wipe Pads provide a quick, easy method of removing perspiration and body oils from the respirator facepiece between scheduled cleanings

Cat. No. 7003HW

Honeywell® SAF-T-FIT® Plus Disposable Particulate Respirators
Disposable Particulate Respirators


Honeywell® Survivair S-Series Cartridges
Selection of the appropriate cartridge and filter combination is dependent on a number of factors, including the type of contaminant, the level of exposure, and the length of exposure


Honeywell® Survivair VALUAIR® Plus Economy Reusable Half-Mask Respirators
Soft-sealing flange and forward angled nosepiece easily accomodate eyewear

Cat. No. L-302500HW

Honeywell®ONE-Fit™ Disposable Molded Cup Particulate Respirators
Exclusive design and shape that contours with the natural shape of the face


Kimberly-Clark® PFR95 N95 Respirator Masks - Pouch 300 count
Kimberly-Clark® PFR95 N95 Respirator Masks - Pouch Style

Cat. No. 62126KC2

KleenGuard® M10 N95 Particulate Respirator Masks with Valve 80 count
Delivers the protection you expect and the comfort you need for all-day wear

Cat. No. 64240KC2

MSA Airhawk® II SCBA w/ Airframe™ Carrier & Harnes
Lightweight, durable and economical, this SCBA keeps contaminants at bay.

Cat. No. MSA-AH

MSA Responder™ CBRN PAPR
Includes C420 PAPR, Belt, Airflow indicator & Breathing tube

Cat. No. B-60141-03x

Pressure Demand SAR with Escape Cylinder (NIOSH)
This product provides air from a remote air source for entry into and escape from IDLH atmospheres.

Cat. No. HW-escape

Pressure Demand SAR without Escape Cylinder (NIOSH)
This product provides air from a remote air source for non-IDLH atmospheres.

Cat. No. HW-PD-SAR

Pressure Demand Supplied Air Respirator (PD-SAR)
Honeywell Panther™ Pressure Demand Supplied Air Respirator (PD-SAR) Hip-Pac with Nylon Harness

Cat. No. PD-SAR

Radians® Universal Face Masks 20/Pkg
Provides protection from dust and non-chemical mists.

Cat. No. BI2728RA

Ultra-Twin® Full-Facepiece Respirator
The Ultra-Twin® Full-Facepiece Respirator is crafted to provide a secure fit and strong protection,

Cat. No. Ultra-T

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