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Gerson® Signature One-Step™ Maintenance-Free Half Mask Respirators
Cat. No. L-8211GN
Weight 3 lbs

Non-allergenic Signature One-Step™ Maintenance-Free Half Mask Respirators are ready to use with no spare parts to stock or cartridges to replace. They’re completely assembled with Organic Vapor/P95 cartridges and filters in a re-sealable bag. The soft, lightweight elastomeric facepiece, cradle suspension, and easy-adjust head straps facilitate proper and comfortable fit, and the low profile swept back cartridge gives better visibility. Inventory requirements simplify and reduce record keeping necessary for OSHA compliance. NIOSH approved.

Prod #Description
8211GNHalf-Mask Respirator w/ OV/P95 Filter, M
8311GNHalf-Mask Respirator w/ OV/P95 Filter,


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