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Honeywell TITAN SCBA
Cat. No. TITAN
Weight 12 lbs

Honeywell TITAN. Breathing new life into your SCBA.
Your SCBA is the single-most important piece of equipment you will take into a fire. It needs to be reliable, comfortable and user-friendly, so you can have 100 percent confidence in your equipment during the heat of the battle.

That’s why Honeywell developed TITAN SCBA, a new SCBA with advanced functionality for safety, reliability and usability. Through extensive collaboration and testing with firefighters, we designed the Honeywell TITAN to be smart, intuitive and easy to use, delivering everything you need in your SCBA — and nothing you don’t.

Certified as NFPA 2013 Compliant
NIOSH Certified
CBRN Certified..

The Honeywell advantage
Honeywell is a global leader in safety technology and personal protective equipment, so you can have confidence the TITAN SCBA is engineered to the highest standards of safety and durability. From aircraft pilots to combat soldiers to industrial workers, people for more than 100 years have relied on Honeywell equipment to protect their lives — and you can too. Because the TITAN SCBA comes from Honeywell, you can trust it to perform — even in challenging environments. Honeywell uses materials that have been thoroughly tested — in the lab and in the field — to withstand the conditions typically encountered in harsh environments. And in our disciplined approach to quality assurance, we use Lean Six Sigma to reduce defects, ensure reliable functionality and exceed your expectations


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