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MSA Responder™ CBRN PAPR
Cat. No. B-60141-03x
Weight 12 lbs

The MSA Responder PAPR (Powered Air-Purifying Respirators) system is ideal for First Responder, Military and Special Operations personnel who
need non-IDLH respiratory protection for an extended period of time. The MSA Responder PAPR combines an industry-leading motor-blower
with a choice of two proven MSA gas mask CBRN facepieces, and three proprietary cartridges for CBRN, particulate, or poisonous gases / vapors.

The Responder PAPR’s constant filtered airflow provides improved comfort due to the cooling effect, greatly reducing pulmonary stress,
preserving strength and mental acuity. The airflow also prevents fogging in the facepiece, reduces any feelings of claustrophobia, and allows for
extended use in hot and stressful environments.

Industry trusted, with over 50,000 fielded in various U.S. military programs, the C420 Motor-Blower is  ideal for filtering contaminants from ambient air and providing a constant airflow of at least 115 lpm to the user’s facepiece. This provides an OSHA-assigned protection factor twenty times greater than APR, due to positive pressure in the mask. The C420 is available with 2 batteries that can be “hot-swapped” during warm environment use. The Lithium-Sulfur Dioxide mission battery has an 8-hour run-time. The Nickel Metal Hydride rechargeable battery has a 4-hour run-time.

The motor-blower will not interfere with radio communications, as it is EMI shielded to MIL-STD-461C. The C420 comes complete with the motorblower, belt, airflow indicator, and breathing tube.

A belt-mounted powered air-purifying respirator with choice of 2 proven tight-fitting facepieces in 3 sizes. The motorblower provides a constant air flow of over 115 lpm to the facepiece. The PAPR can be used with CBRN cartridges or with multi-purpose chemical cartridges designed to protect
against hazards that might be encountered in tactical law enforcement operations.



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