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10 DAY™ Lantern
Runs 10 days continuously on “Low”

Cat. No. UST-20-PLC6B

15 DAY™ Aluminum Flashlight
Runs 15 days continuously on “Low”

Cat. No. UST-20-U10415-02

30 DAY™ Aluminum Flashlight
Patented MoonBeam™lens technology produces a bright, clear circle of light with no hot spots or dark areas

Cat. No. UST-20-U10420-02

30 DAY™ Lantern
Runs 30 days continuously on “Low”

Cat. No. UST-30DAY

60 DAY™ Aluminum Flashlight
Bright, clean light – up to 700 lumens

Cat. No. UST-20-02015-02

60 DAY™ Lantern, Titanium
Runs 60 days continuously on “Low”

Cat. No. UST-20-PLN0C6D002

Blackfire® 3AAA LED Clamplights
Tough ABS construction and are virtually maintenance-free, thanks to 100,000-hour Cree® LEDs.

Cat. No. BBM8882

Blackfire® 3LR44 LED Mini Clamplights
Come in a display case with 12 lights total—three of each color (Black, Orange, Green, and Blue).

Cat. No. BBM890XBF

Blackfire® Backpack Lantern/Flashlight 3AAA LED
Blackfire® Backpack Lantern/Flashlight 3AAA LED Clamplight

Cat. No. BBM920BF

Blackfire® Firefly 3AAA 3-LED Clamplight
Integrated carabineer clip, three bright LEDs, and tough ABS construction

Cat. No. BBM970BF

Blackfire® Lantern/Flashlight 3AA LED Clamplight
There are four modes of operation, too—High, Low, Strobe (Lantern) and Flashlight mode.

Cat. No. BBM910BF

Blackfire® Twist 2AAA LED Tactical Light
They can be used as flashlights or angle lights, thanks to heads that pivot up to 90°.

Cat. No. BBM990BF

Blackfire® Twist 3AAA LED Tactical Light
Can be used as flashlights or angle lights, thanks to heads that pivot up to 90°.

Cat. No. TWIST

Blackfire® Waterproof 3AAA LED Clamplight
Waterproof 3AAA LED Clamplight

Cat. No. BBM905BF

Brila™ Mini Lantern
Bright, clean 360° light distribution – up to 27 lumens

Cat. No. UST-BML

Critter Light
A four-way safety light that attaches anywhere.

Cat. No. 20-02138-01

Energizer® 2AA PivotPlus Flashlight
Energizer® 2AA PivotPlus Flashlight

Cat. No. HCSW21EEN

Energizer® 4AA ProjectPro Light
Designed for years of use, this tough light features Smart Dimming technology for full control of brightness and run time.

Cat. No. HCHH41EEN

Energizer® Hard Case Professional® 4AA LED Work Light
With multiple magnet positions, this light offers hands-free operation in varied work spaces.

Cat. No. HCAL41EEN

Energizer® Hard Case Professional® LED Spotlight
Thanks to rugged ABS, steel, and rubber construction, this light stands up to a wide range of outdoor activities.

Cat. No. HCSP61EEN

Energizer® Intrinsically Safe® 2D LED Safety Flashlight
Energizer® Industrial® & Safety Lights are designed and built with the rugged features hard-working professionals need and appreciate on the job.


Energizer® Vision HD 3AAA Performance Metal Light
This flashlight offers exceptional direct and peripheral vision, thanks to custom optics.


Energizer® Vision HD 6AA Performance Metal Light
Ultimate light control with patented Digital Focus technology


Energizer® Weatheready® 360° LED Area Light
Lantern's bright white LEDs provide room-filling light with a three-mode switch for High, Low, and Nightlight. It's also waterproof to 1 m (for 30 minutes),


Eveready® Industrial 2AA LED Magnetic Flashlight
compact design with a built-in magnet offers convenient storage and hands-free use.


Eveready® LED Economy Flashlight
Light runs on one D alkaline battery (not included) and comes standard with a slide switch and ribbed casing.


KLIPP Slide Light
This dual-function LED light doubles as a lantern and clips to packs, tents, and car keys for quick access in the dark.

Cat. No. 20-02142-0x

MoonForce™ 1AAA
The MoonForce™ 1AAA has a bright clean light with up to 30 lumens and runs 50 hours continuously

Cat. No. UST-MGA

MoonForce™ 2AAA
The MoonForce™ 2AAA has a bright clean light with up to 80 lumens and runs 40 hours continuously.

Cat. No. UST-MF2aaa

MoonForce™ LR41, Titanium
The MoonForce™ LR41 has a bright clean light with up to 20 lumens and runs 15 hours continuously.

Cat. No. 20-02003-02

Multi Ops™ Task-Light®
Includes a powerful C4 LED™ that’s three times brighter than high flux LEDs and UV LEDs as well as a Class IIIA laser that pinpoints targets up to 100 yards away

Cat. No. 51072SL

Night Com® Flashlights
Powered by 2 3 volt CR123A lithium batteries with a shelf life of nearly 10 years (included)

Cat. No. 51021SL

Pelican™ LED Emergency Lighting Station
Easy to locate in the dark, this self-contained glowing beacon and flashlight comes housed in a clear tamper-proof case.

Cat. No. L-3310ELSP

PICO™ Lantern
Runs 91 hours continuously on “Low”

Cat. No. USY-PL

ProPolymer® 2AA Flashlights
This tough, super-convenient, extra-bright flashlight features a push button tail switch.


ProPolymer® 3C LED Flashlights
The 3C LED features super-bright, 100,000-hour LEDs with outstanding run times.


ProPolymer® 3C LUX Flashlights
High-performance, 10,000-hour, super-high-flux LED provides a longer reaching, brighter beam that's 10-times brighter than a high-intensity LED.

Cat. No. 33244SL

ProPolymer® 3C Xenon Flashlights
Send the darkness running with this Streamlight® 3C ProPolymer® Xenon® Flashlight. Made from impact-resistant yellow polymer for strength, it features a rubber face cap to absorb shock and impacts.

Cat. No. 33254SL

ProPolymer® 3N LED Flashlights
3 ultra-bright white, 100,000 hour life LEDs provide up to 30 lumens typical

Cat. No. 62202SL

ProPolymer® 4AA LED Flashlight
Powered by 4 "AA" alkaline batteries (not included)

Cat. No. 68300SL

ProPolymer® 4AA LED Flashlights
The new 4AA ProPolymer® Flashlight is remarkably comfortable to use because it's ergonomically shaped for the hand.


ProPolymer® 4AA Lux Div 1 Flashlights
Streamlight's® ProPolymer® 4AA Luxeon Flashlight features a 10,000-hour, super-high-flux LED and is 10 times brighter than an ordinary high-intensity LED.

Cat. No. 68702SL

ProPolymer® 4AA Lux Flashlights
When you've got Streamlight®, you've got the brightest lights in the business! Lights like this one-watt, 10,000-hour, super-high-flux, LED provides a longer-reaching, brighter beam that's 10 times brighter than a high-intensity LED.


ProPolymer® 4AA Xenon Flashlights
The new 4AA ProPolymer® Flashlight is remarkably comfortable to use because it's ergonomically shaped for the hand.

Cat. No. 68254SL

Multi-functional LED light works as a flashlight, mini-lantern, safety light, and personal locator light.

Cat. No. 20-17001-0x

Streamlight Jr.® LED Flashlights
This ultra-small, lightweight flashlight has all the benefits of the classic Streamlight Jr.®, but offers them in a C4 LED™ for the brightness and range of an incandescent bulb, plus an LED that runs 50,000 hours.

Cat. No. 71500SL

Streamlight® Protac® 1L-1AA Dual Fuel Tactical Flashlight
Accepts a single lithium or alkaline battery

Cat. No. 88061SL

Survivor® LED Flashlights
Streamlight's® Survivor® LED Flashlight is one of the brightest, right angle LED flashlights in the world! This lightweight, hand-held flashlight is designed for use in hazardous situations, thanks to C4 LED™ technology.


Task-Light® 3AA LED Flashlights
Regardless of the task, Streamlight's® Twin Task® Flashlights, can handle it! These exceptionally durable and powerful lights offer multiple lighting modes from a variety of power sources.


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