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Energizer® 4AA ProjectPro Light
Cat. No. HCHH41EEN
Weight 0.5 lbs

Name your project, we’ve got your LED light – the Energizer® 4AA ProjectPlus Light packs 400 lumens of brightness (on high mode) for any do-it-yourselfer. It’s the professional flashlight that’s perfect for anyone looking for a solid water-resistant flashlight.

ModeLight OutputRun
Beam DistanceImpact ResistantWater Resistant
High400 lumens11 hours125 meters7 metersIPX4
Low300 lumens15 hoursN/A7 metersIPX4
Lowest Dimming40 lumens50 hoursN/A7 metersIPX4

Product Details
  • Perfect for both professional and DIY users
  • Designed to last 25 years; backed by a full lifetime guarantee
  • Smart Dimming technology gives you control of brightness and runtime
  • Tool-quality construction and advanced LED technology
  • Exceptionally durable and water-resistant
  • Features shatterproof lens; survives drops up to 7 meters
  • Professional flashlight includes four AA Energizer MAX® batteries

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