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3 in Off Center Compress Bandages, 2/Box
An asset to any trauma kit, our versatile 3" off-center compress serves as a sterile wound and trauma dressing

Cat. No. AN266F

32 sq in Gauze Compress
All-purpose trauma ABD or combine dressing pad is ideal for stopping bleeding associated with deep lacerations, abrasions, burns, penetration wounds and fractures

Cat. No. AN205F

52 in x 84 in Emergency Blanket
State-of-the-art emergency blanket effectively reflects back 90% of the body's heat when wrapped around a person

Cat. No. B502F

Alcohol Cleansing Pads, 10/Box
Wipe measures 1.25" X 2.625" and is saturated with 70% isopropyl alcohol

Cat. No. A340F

Ammonia Inhalant Ampoules, 10/Box
A respiratory stimulant for inhalation only

Cat. No. A5009AMPF

Bandage Fabric, 1 x 3 , 16/Box
Made with a pliable woven fabric that easily conforms to the wounded area and stays put, even when wet

Cat. No. AN101F

Bandage Plastic , 3/4 in x 3 in , 25/Box
Bandages are made of pliable vinyl, allowing easy movement with any of the body's moving parts, and are ventilated to aid the natural healing process

Cat. No. A100F

Bandage Plastic, 1 x 3 , 16/Box
Made with a pliable vinyl, each bandage is also ventilated to aid in the natural healing process

Cat. No. AN146F

Butterfly Bandage, 10/Box
They remove the need for stitches in relatively minor cuts

Cat. No. A151F

Compress Instant Cold 4 x 5 Unitized Refill
Our 4" x 5" instant cold compress temporarily relieves minor pain and swelling for sprains, aches and sore joints

Cat. No. B503F

Conforming Gauze Rolls, 2 in, 2/Box
When moderate compression is needed, use our 2" gauze roll bandage

Cat. No. B204F

CPR Faceshield w/1-Way Valve (Latex Free)
True one-way valve and mouth-to-mouth barrier for administering CPR and artificial resuscitation

Cat. No. A5113F

CPR Pack, 1 Set/Box
Just what you need in a CPR emergency

Cat. No. B504F

Elbow and Knee Plastic Bandage, 2 in X 4 in, 5/Box
Each bandage is made of pliable vinyl, allowing for easy movement, and ventilated to aid in the natural healing process

Cat. No. A103F

Eye Care Pack, 1 Set/Box
Eye care pack includes: 2 Sterile eye pads, 1 oz eye wash, 1/2" X 5 yd. first aid tape roll

Cat. No. B717F

Eye Wash, 1 oz
Eye wash relieves irritation by removing loose foreign material, chlorinated water, smog and pollen

Cat. No. B5010F

Fabric Fingertip Bandage, Large, 8/Box
Each is contained in an individually sterilized package, which greatly reduces the possibility of infection

Cat. No. A187F

Fabric Knuckle Bandage, 8/Box
Each is contained in an individually sterilized package, which greatly reduces the possibility of infection

Cat. No. A188F

First Aid Tape, 1/2 in x 10 yds, 2 Rolls/Box
Our 1/2" tape is strong enough for securing catheters, tubing and dressings; yet tears easily for hassle-free taping and untaping

Cat. No. A501F

First Aid/Burn Cream, .9gm, 10/Box
Unit dose packages provide quick, effective application without cross-contamination

Cat. No. AN4040F

Gauze Bandages, 2 in x 6 yd, 2/Box
All bandages measure 6 yards when stretched

Cat. No. AN275F

Gauze Pads
Packaged in sterile envelopes, our 100% pure gauze pads are perfectly suited for cleaning wounds and applying medication or antiseptic


Insect Sting Relief Pads, 10/Box
For temporary relief of pain and itching associated with minor burns, scrapes, insect bites and stings

Cat. No. A301F

Nitrile Medical Grade Gloves (Latex Free), 2 Pair
Gloves resist punctures and tears while they protect your hands from germs and bodily fluids

Cat. No. AN5011F

Patch Bandage (Heavy Woven), 2 x 3 , 10/Box
2" X 3" Heavy Woven Patch Bandage

Cat. No. A177F

Povidone Iodine Wipes, 10/Box
Use these Povidone-iodine infection control wipes to help prevent infection as you treat minor cuts, wounds and abrasions

Cat. No. A338F

Sterile Oval Eye Pads, 2/Box
Made of 100% cotton the eye pad is soft and gentle to the touch

Cat. No. A200F

Sting Free Antiseptic Cleansing Wipes
These antiseptic cleansing wipes, with the active ingredient benzalkonium chloride 0.40%, are ideal for cleansing wounds when alcohol is inadvisable


Triangular Sling Bandage w/2 Safety Pins
Use our sterile triangular sling/bandage for head or appendage, as a handy arm sling, or even as a tourniquet

Cat. No. AN5071F

Triple Antibiotic Ointment, 10/Box
Use our triple antibiotic ointment to help prevent infection in minor cuts, scrapes and burns

Cat. No. A403F

Vinyl Exam Quality Gloves, 2 Pair
Protects from bodily fluids and the transmission of germs

Cat. No. AN5112F

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