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1-Channel Soldering Station WT1010
Compatible with a large selection of soldering pencils, pre-heat plates and solder baths

Cat. No. WT1010xCT

1-Channel Soldering Station WT1011
Intuitive use thanks to clear menu structure

Cat. No. WT1011xCT

1-Channel Soldering Station WT1012 and WT1013
Stackable, smart poer units. Interlocking, reversible saferty rests.

Cat. No. WT101xN

2-Channel Soldering Station, 200 W (255 W) WX2020
Capacitive glass touch screen is chemical and temperature resistant

Cat. No. WX2020N

2-Channel Soldering Station, 200 W (255 W) WX2021
Power unit WX 2, with 2 channels, soldering iron WXMP MS and tweezer WXMT MS

Cat. No. WX2021

3-Channel Rework Station, 420 W (600 W)
Power unit WXR 3, 3 channels with WXHAP 200 Hot air iron, WXDP 120 Desoldering iron and WXP 65 Soldering iron

Cat. No. WXR300xN

40 Watt Hobbyist Consumer Soldering Station
Weller's® 40 Watt Soldering Station produces just 5-40 watts and its lightweight pencil iron is secured in a cushioned foam grip with a replaceable heating element.

Cat. No. WLC100CT

Butane Fuel, 2.1 oz
Butane Fuel for the Professional Self-Igniting Cordless Butane Soldering Iron Kit

Cat. No. WB1CT

Marksman® 25 Watt, 120V Soldering Iron
Another great choice in soldering irons is Weller's® Marksman®, featuring a new indicator light that allows users to instantly see that the iron is on.

Cat. No. SP23LCT

Marksman® 40W 120V Soldering Iron, Lighted
MT10 .25" diameter replaceable nickel-plated copper tip

Cat. No. SP40LCT

Portasol® Professional Self Igniting Cordless Butane Soldering Iron Kit
The Portasol® Professional Self-Igniting Cordless Butane Solder Iron, from Weller®, is a lightweight, compact soldering and hot air tool that travels easily.

Cat. No. P2KCCT

Weller® 35 Watts, 120V, 850°F Professional Soldering Iron, 3-Wire Cord
Weller's® Professional Soldering Iron offers a lot of performance for a wide variety of electronic tasks.

Cat. No. WP35CT

Weller® 60W 120V Temperature Controlled Soldering
PU120T power unit, TC201T soldering pencil, PH1201ESD stand and sponge


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