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Buckmasters® Camo Trident® Xenon/LED Combo Headlamp
Trident® Headlamp series features a super-bright Xenon® bulb, with triple LEDs or triple LEDs with one high-powered LED (HP model).

Cat. No. 61070SL

Enduro® LED Headlamps
The Enduro® LED Headlamp is ergonomically correct, and at only 2 3/4 ounces (with batteries), it offers a comfortable fit on any head.

Cat. No. 61400SL

Energizer® 360° LED Cap Light
On the trail or at the campsite, Energizer® Outdoor Lights supply superior illumination for any adventure.


Energizer® Hard Case Professional® 3AA LED Headlight
For the toughest demands in portable lighting, Energizer® Hard Case® Professional® Flashlights can meet the challenge with their rugged dependability and innovative LED technology.


Energizer® Hard Case Professional® DIY 3AAA LED Magnet Headlight
Offering tool-quality construction and advanced LED technology, this headlight easily detaches and mounts magnetically wherever needed.


Energizer® Industrial Vision HD LED Headlight
Headlight features a pivoting head with three light modes: White Spot, Flood, and Spot/Flood. It’s also dimmable, controlling brightness and runtime (with all LEDs on).


Energizer® Industrial Vision HD+ Focus LED Headlight
Featuring three light modes: White (Spot), White (Flood), and Red (Night Vision), this headlight also has a Digital Light Focus and Memory Recall.


Energizer® Intrinsically Safe® LED Headlight
Energizer® Industrial® & Safety Lights are designed and built with the rugged features hard-working professionals need and appreciate on the job.


Energizer® Vision HD+ LED Headlight
Ideal for hard hats and up to four-times brighter than lights with standard LEDs

Cat. No. HDC32EEN

Energizer® Vision LED Headlight
Featuring two light modes to control brightness and runtime, this headlight is up to four-times brighter than lights with standard LEDs.

Cat. No. HDA32EEN

Septor® LED Headlamps, Yellow w/White LEDs
The combination of brilliant LEDs in this headlamp places the Septor® in a class by itself. Its piercing light comes from seven, super-bright white LEDs, each with a life of 100,000 hours.

Cat. No. 61052SL

Streamlight’s® Vantage™ Helmet-Mounted Tactical Light

Introducing the solution to firemen’s hands-free lighting needs. Compact, powerful, shock-proof, and virtually indestructible!

Cat. No. 69140SL

Streamlight® 3AA Haz-Lo® LED Headlight
This 3AA Haz-Lo® Headlamp meets and is approved for, Class 1, Division 1 hazardous locations.

Cat. No. 61200SL

Streamlight® Argo® LED Headlamps, Yellow w/White LED
This sophisticated light features a state-of-the-art C4 LED™ to deliver the longevity of an LED - and the brightness and range of a conventional bulb.

Cat. No. 61301SL

Streamlight® Bandit® Ultra-Compact USB Rechargeable Headlight
Lightweight and low profile, this light uses a USB rechargeable lithium battery to power its LED, which produces bright, even diffused light with less shadow than spot beams.

Cat. No. 61700SL

Streamlight® Double Clutch™ USB Rechargeable LED Headlight
Dual Fuel Optioned LED Headlamp

Cat. No. 61600SL

Streamlight® Protac HL® USB Headlights
High 1000 Lumen USB Rechargeable Tactical LED Headlamp

Cat. No. 61305

Streamlight® ProTac HL® LED Headlight
Designed for maximum illumination, with a wide C4® LED beam, this headlight features Ten-Tap™ programming with three modes of light

Cat. No. 61304SL

Trident® Headlamps
Trident® Headlamp series features a super-bright Xenon® bulb, with triple LEDs or triple LEDs with one high-powered LED (HP model).


Trident® Rubber Head Strap
Trident® Rubber Head Strap

Cat. No. 61003SL

Trident® Xenon Bulb
Xenon replacement bulb for the Streamlight Trident® Headlamp

Cat. No. 61004SL

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