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BRK Adapter to Kidde
BRK Adapter to Kidde

Cat. No. 9000150

Fire Adapter to Kidde
Fire Adapter to Kidde

Cat. No. 9000149

Smoke Alarm Guard
Smoke Alarm Guard

Cat. No. SAGBR

Smoke Detector Tester™ - Smoke in a Can
Smoke Detector Tester is non-toxic and environmentally friendly and a great way to test smoke detectors - both ionization and photoelectric.

Cat. No. 25SBR

Smoke Relay Module
Switches connected device power when a Smoke/Heat interconnect signal is received

Cat. No. SM120X

Strobe Light, AC
This Strobe Light, used in conjunction with a smoke, heat or carbon monoxide alarm, provides a bright visual signal to warn of a smoke, heat or CO hazard.

Cat. No. SL177I

UltraLife® Lithium 9V Battery 12 Pack
UltraLife Lithium Batteries outlast alkaline batteries by as much as ten to one, with a capacity of 1,200 milliampere-hours

Cat. No. 9VLBAT

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