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Duragloss (Wet Look) Auto Polish and Cleaner, 8 oz, 6/Case
Cat. No. 101DG
Weight 1 lbs

Duragloss® Wet Look® Polish and Cleaner leaves vehicle finishes looking showroom new. And, it helps keep them that way thanks to synthetic polymers that form a protective coating on the painted surface. It's also durable under both acid and alkaline washes and it can be applied to the whole surface in sun or shade. Plus, it removes easily, leaving a "wet look" shine and protective coating behind.

Features and Specifications:

  • Model Number: 101
  • UOM: CS
  • Size: 8 oz
  • Properties:
    • 6 per case
    • Duragloss PC (Polish and Cleaner) contains synthetic polymers, which form a protective coating on the surface of painted vehicles
    • Contains cleaning agents to remove oxidation and fine scratches while forming a durable layer of polymer protection
    • Durable to both acid and alkaline washes
    • Can be applied in the sun or shade to the entire vehicle before removing easily for a "wet look" shine and protective coating
    • You can expect durable protection for up to 6 months with Duragloss PC
    • Since this is a cleaner and sealant in one, Duragloss Polish & Cleaner cuts your detailing time by performing two steps at once
    • You can go from washing and drying straight to Duragloss PC
    • Reapply twice a year for optimum protection
    • This product contains no silicone oils and can be removed for repainting if necessary

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