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Sorbent Center Cabinets
Cat. No. 107772SPC
Weight 10 lbs

Features and Specifications:

  • Model Number: SC-3000
  • UOM: EA
  • Properties:
    • Cabinet only
    • Fill your Sorbent Center with just about any SPC sorbent you need
    • Holds up to a 38" roll and full bales of product - no special refills required!
    • Buy one and hang it on the wall or place it under your workbench
    • Buy two or three to make a custom sorbent cabinet
    • Applications: Sorbent deployment station, Mobile spill control unit, and Extension of your bin system and managed inventory program
  • Did you know....
    • Worker productivity and efficiencies can be improved dramatically by placing Sorbent Centers strategically around the facility and closer to the areas of need. For both emergency response and routine maintenance and safety, you don't want employees wandering away from their workstation to the other side of the plant or tool room to check out the sorbent materials they need.
    • The inside of each door is indented for you to post your organization's safety guidelines, ISO requirements or the "What To Do When A Spill Occurs" label included with each Sorbent Center.


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