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Skullgard® Caps/Hats w/Fas-Trac® Suspension
Weight 4 lbs

Skullgard's® heavy-duty construction makes it the clear choice for working in high-temperature environments where falling objects can be a problem. It's perfect for workers in steel mills and other heavy industries. Skullgard Headwear meets or exceeds Type I Helmet (top impact) requirements in ANSI Z89.1-2003, Class G.

Designed to offer outstanding protection in hot and dangerous industries, the Skullgard Protective Cap sets the standard for environments such as steel mills. Skullgard helmets have been tested to radiant heat loads producing temperatures up to, but not exceeding, 350F.

Features and Specifications:

  • UOM: EA
  • Properties:
    • Comes with MSA’s Fas-Trac® suspension
    • Feature heavy duty construction for use in steel mills and other heavy industries where elevated temperatures are common
    • Meets or exceeds the applicable requirements for a Type 1 helmet (top impact) as outlined in ANSI Z89.1-2003, Class G (electrical-low voltage)

Prod #Description
475395MSASkullgard Cap w/ Fas-Trac Suspension, Natural Tan
475407MSASkullgard Hat w/ Fas-Trac Suspension, Natural Tan
475408MSASkullgard Hat w/ Fas-Trac Suspension, White
475396MSASkullgard Cap w/ Fas-Trac Suspension, White
454617MSASkullgard Cap w/ Staz-On Suspension, Natural Tan
454618MSASkullgard Cap w/ Staz-On Suspension, White
454620MSASkullgard Cap w/ Staz-On Suspension, Red
454621MSASkullgard Cap w/ Staz-On Suspension, Green
454622MSASkullgard Cap w/ Staz-On Suspension, Gray
454623MSASkullgard Cap w/ Staz-On Suspension, Blue
454626MSASkullgard Cap w/ Staz-On Suspension, Orange
816651MSASullgard Cap w/ Swing-Ratchet Suspension, Natural Tan
454664MSASkullgard Hat w/ Staz-On Suspension, Natural Tan
454665MSASkullgard Hat w/ Staz-On Suspension, White
454666MSASkullgard Hat w/ Staz-On Suspension, Yellow
454668MSASkullgard Hat w/ Staz-On Suspension, Green
454673MSASkullgard Hat w/ Staz-On Suspension, Orange


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