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Badger 2 1/2 gal Wet Chemical Extinguisher w/Wall
Cat. No. L-23171B
Weight 21 lbs

Made to stand up to Class K combustible kitchen fires, Badger Wet Chemical Extinguishers are easy to use and very effective in handling the difficult types of cooking media fire hazard situations that are encountered in commercial kitchens. These extinguishers are made to supplement commercial cooking appliance fire suppression systems and come with a six-year product warranty. Water extinguishers, the original fire fighting tool, are effective on class A fires and should never be used for any other class fire.

Features and Specifications:

  • Model Number: 23171
  • UOM: EA
  • Size: 2.5 gallon (9.46 liter)
  • Dimensions: 24.5" H X 8.75" W X 7" Deep
  • Technical Data:
    • Model Number: WC-250
    • UL Rating: K
    • Agent Flow Rate: N/A
    • Effective Against Class: Potassium Acetate
    • Shipping: 19 lbs
    • Discharge Time: 75 to 80 sec
    • Discharge Range: 8 to 12 ft
    • Operating Pressure: 100 PSI
    • Expellant: NITROGEN/AIR
    • Temperature Range: 40 degrees F to 120 degrees F; 4 degrees C to 49 degrees C
    • Cylinder Material: STEEL
    • Valve Material: PLATED BRASS
    • USCG Approval: N/A
    • USCG Bracket: UB-20 Optional
    • Line: Extra
  • Properties:
    • The industry standard for kitchen hand portable fire extinguishers
    • Simple to use and extremely effective in handling the difficult types of cooking media fire hazard situations found in today's busy commercial kitchens
    • Operator safe discharge hose concept with non-metal finger guard and protective nozzle orifice seal
    • Soft 360 degree mist discharge stream prevents splashing
    • Hex valve collar tightening ring for easy recharge
    • Easy-to-read two-piece nameplates
    • UL Listed - Meets D.O.T. requirements
    • 6 year warranty


View M.S.D.S. for this product: BadgerWetChem.pdf

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