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MCR SafetyŽ Classic Plus Rider Coats Yellow
Cat. No. 260C
Weight 1 lbs

The Classic Plus Series Material is the most popular in the Industry. It combines the strength and waterproof qualities of PVC with the durability of a polyester backing. The 260C yellow Rider Coat is 60 inches in length and features a detachable hood, snap front and take up snaps at the wrists. It has a corduroy lined collar for comfort and a cape ventilated back for air flow. Coat splits in the back and can snap around each leg to form chaps. Come back to the Classics for your protective wear needs.

  • .35 mm PVC on polyester 60"" coat
  • Split back can be snapped around each leg and worn as chaps
  • Detachable hood and corduroy collar
  • Cape venilated back for air flow
  • Reach through pockets, badge tab holder


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