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BuckhornŽ Pallets
Cat. No. Pallets
Weight 5 lbs

Buckhorn has more than 35 years of experience in designing, manufacturing and implementing reusable plastic pallet systems.  Today's line includes a variety of pallets for light to heavy-duty  demands in sizes, weights and styles designed to fit your material handling operation.  Buckhorn pallets deliver superior performance and economic value.

Constructed of 100% recyclable HDPE, these pallets feature four-way entries, making it easy for pallet jacks and forklifts to move them. They also offer superior moisture, chemical, and temperature resistance. And the Nesting model has nine reinforced feet for equal weight distribution. Use between -20°F to 120°F. Gray.

Prod #Description
PL4840060026001AMBuckhorn® Light-Duty Pallet, Nestable, 48"L x 40"W x 6"H, 1200 lb Capacity Buckhorn® Light-Duty Pallets 
PL4840073226000AMBuckhorn® Light-Duty Pallet, 5-Rail Stackable, 48"L x 40"W x 7"H, 2500 lb CapacityBuckhorn® Light-Duty Pallet, 5-Rail Stackable, 48"L x 40"W x 7"H, 2500 lb Capacity
Buckhorn® Medium-Duty Pallet  48"L x 48"W x 6"H. Black  4000 lb Capacity Buckhorn® Universal Pallet
DDPPM4848063310001AM Buckhorn® Medium-Duty Pallet  48"L x 6"H x 48"W 
Buckhorn® Medium-Duty Pallet
Buckhorn® Universal Pallet 48"L x 40"W x 6"H. Black.  5000 lb.  Capacity Buckhorn® Universal Pallet


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