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Auto Eject Super 30
Cat. No. 091-159-30-120
Weight 20 lbs

Model # 091-159-30-120

The Super 30 Auto Eject is a completely sealed automatic power line disconnect. This prevents contamination of the mechanism by road dirt and ensure long reliable life, even when mounted in the most severe environment. A novel plug detector closes, and opens the 120 volt A.C. circuit after the mating connector is inserted, and before the connector is ejected. This eliminates arcing at the connector contacts, and assures long contact life. As with all Auto Ejects, the Super 30 Auto Eject is connected to the starter circuit so that ejection occurs when the engine is cranked

Blue Bullet 120 Volts AC, 30 Amps, 3 Pin
Blue Bullet Totally Automatic Operation, No Push Button
Blue Bullet Automatic Plug Detector
Blue Bullet Automatic Anti-Arc Device Built-In
Blue Bullet Mounting Plate Included
Blue Bullet 2 year warranty


Instruction Manual.pdf (935 Kb)
Product Specifications.doc (1.4 Mb)
3D Drawing - IGS File (5.9 Mb)




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