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Power Cord Reel for Auto Ejects
Cat. No. L4545 12 3 3
Weight 30 lbs

This reel, manufactured by REELCRAFT, is an ideal accessory for the Auto Eject. Providing a 45-foot length of 12AWG oil resistant SJO cord conveniently coiled on a spring loaded reel simplifies the installation for both the installer and the subsequent user. The standard NEMA 5-20P-H connector is installed to mate with the 20 ampere Super Auto Eject. For other models of the Auto Eject, the installer must replace this connector with the one supplied with the Auto Eject. An adjustable cord stop is set at installation to limit the retraction of the cord to the desired length and to ensure that the cord does not create tension or side loads on the Auto Eject.

Model # L4545 12 3 3

  •   Spring Retractable with Latch
  •   Wall or Ceiling Mount
  •   45 Foot, 12AWG, 3 Conductor Cord
  •   Adjustable Cord Stop
  •   NEMA 5-20P-H Mates with 20 Ampere Auto Eject   
Cord: 45 Feet, 12 AWG, 3 Conductor, Oil Resistant SJO
Mating Conector: NEMA 5-20P-H Pre-Installed On Cord
Mounting: Wall or Ceiling
Weight: 28 lbs

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