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GalvanAlert® Shore Power Corrosion Detector
Cat. No. M-G30
Weight 1 lbs

The world's only shore power corrosion detector with reverse polarity indicator. GalvanAlert® easily attaches to your existing 30A shore power inlet and cordset to constantly monitor unsafe corrosion activity or a reverse polarity condition.

• Can save you thousands of dollars in potential corrosive damage to your boat
• Detects reverse polarity that can create a shock or fire hazard

How does GalvanAlert® work?
GalvanAlert® incorporates sensor-based technology that monitors unsafe galvanic or stray current corrosion flowing through the green ground wire of your shore power system.
Why GalvanAlert® if I have a galvanic isolator?

Galvanic isolators only protect against galvanic action. They will not block corrosion currents driven by more than 1.5 volts that can be highly destructive to your boat. GalvanAlert® will detect such currents so you can protect your boat in instances where galvanic isolators do not.

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