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Flex Tuff® Kevlar® Gloves Yellow/Blue. Sold by the dozen.
Cat. No. 9687MG
Weight 2 lbs

DuPont® Kevlar® fiber delivers high-tensile strength relative to its weight (up to five-times stronger than steel), providing the ultimate in protection. These washable gloves have a 10-gauge Kevlar shell and textured blue Latex® palm and finger dip. Not only are these gloves comfortable, they have the dexterity needed to do the job—and they won’t melt, ignite, or conduct electricity. CE score 3443. Yellow/Blue. Sold by the dozen.

Prod #Description
9687MMGFlex Tuff Kevlar Gloves, M
9687LMGFlex Tuff Kevlar Gloves, L
9687XLMGFlex Tuff Kevlar Gloves, XL


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