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N-Ferno® 6992 Toe-Style Warming Packs
Cat. No. 16992EG
Weight 2 lbs

Just open the pack and the all-natural ingredients in these N-Ferno® Warming Packs instantly heat up. They're activated by oxygen and will provide hours of radiant heat. They'll fit in N-Ferno™ Winter Liner ear pockets, in boots and gloves - anywhere heat is required. The non-toxic warming packs are disposable. Warming Packs heat for up to eight hours; Foot Warmers, up to five hours. One size

Features and Specifications:

  • Model Number: 16992
  • UOM: PR
  • Properties:
    • Self-contained packs add heat anywhere when exposed to air
    • To activate, just open the pack
    • All natural ingredients heat up when they contact oxygen
    • Seal from oxygen in Zip-Loc bag and reuse the next day
    • Toe style warms up to 5 hours
    • Just stick them to socks, under the toes
    • Disposable, non-toxic
    • Specially formulated for "low oxygen" environments (footwear)
    • Applications: Construction, Freight/Baggage, Drilling/Mining, Oil/Gas Refining, Iron/Steel Work, Delivery/Service, Landscaping/Grounds, Cold Storage/Warehousing, Material Handling

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