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Drain Demon
Cat. No. 290016QC
Weight 2 lbs

Drain Demon Thickened Enzyme Treatment easily digests and liquefies organic waste with its greedy bacteria. Ideal for use in large industries including apartments, schools, hospitals, nursing homes, prisons, kennels, septic tanks and more. Note: Product performs best within a temperature range of 54°F 113°F.

Features and Specifications:

  • Model Number: 290016
  • UOM: CS
  • Size: 1 qt
  • Properties:
    • 12 per case
    • Unique thickened formula clings to sides of pipes and drain lines, increasing contact for more effective treatment
    • Digests and liquefies organic waste, grease and food by-products in hospitals, nursing homes, schools, prisons, funeral homes, apartments, kennels, clinics, port-a-toilets, marinas, and septic tanks
    • Contains 1 billion cfu per microliter of the following: bacillus subtilis, bacillus amuloliquifaciens, bacillus lichenformis, bacillus megatherium, pseudomonal fluorescens, commomonas terrigena, and bacillius firmus
    • Optimal temperature range for maximum effectiveness is 54° 113°F; effective up to 212°F
    • Extremes of pH and temperature, as well as wide shifts in either parameters over a short period of time should be avoided
    • Cold temperatures reduce the effectiveness of the product and no bacteria activity can be expected below 40°F
    • HMIS Codes: H-0, F-0, R-0, P-A
    • Note: This product performs best within a ph range of 5.5 8.5

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