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Quest Power Solv Butyl Cleaner
Weight 4 lbs

An amazingly strong cleaner that uses no caustics, acids or abrasives, Power Solv Butyl Cleaner is also nonflammable. Dilute up to 20:1 with water for general purpose cleaning. Removes all kinds of dirt, grease, oils, ink and other soils from concrete, carpet, ceilings, walls, metal surfaces and more.

Features and Specifications:

  • Model Number: 267004QC, 267415QC
  • Properties:
    • Multipurpose butyl cleaner
    • Can be diluted up to 20:1 with water
    • Quickly cleans walls, floors, machinery, vinyl and carpets
    • Removes grease, oil, dirt, grime, carbon, soot, ink, food and most other soils from concrete, carpeting, linoleum, ceilings, walls, painted surfaces and metal surfaces
    • Areas of use include restaurants, hotels/motels, apartments, industrial plants, offices, schools, drilling rigs and stores
    • Rinses completely and quickly from all surfaces
    • Contains strong cleaners, emulsifiers, corrosion inhibitors, penetrants, wetting agents and soil suspension agents
    • Contains no caustics, acids or abrasives
    • Nonflammable
    • HMIS Codes: H-1, F-0, R-0, P-A


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Prod # Package Option UOM
267004QC 5 Gallon Pail EA
267415QC 1 Gallon Bottles 4/CS


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