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V-Gard® Freedom Series™ Caps & Hats
Weight 4 lbs

Make a safe and patriotic choice with V-Gard® Freedom Series™ Caps. Lightweight, durable, and comfortable, these caps feature the easy-to-adjust 4-Point Fas-Trac® Ratchet Suspension system.

10052945MSACap, American Stars and Stripes
10052947MSACap, American Flag w/ 2 Eagles10052947MSA
10079479MSACap, American Eagle10079479MSA
10103908MSACap, Camouflage10103908MSA
10050613MSACap, Canadian Flag, White w/ Red Maple Leaf
10082233MSACap, Canadian Flag, Black w/ Red Maple Leaf10082233
10071157MSAHat, American Stars and Stripes10071157
10071159MSAHat, American Flag w/ 2 Eagles10071159
10104254MSAHat, Camouflage10104254
10082234MSAHat, Canadian Flag, White w/ Red Maple Leaf10082234
10082235MSAHat, Canadian Flag, Black w/ Red Maple Leaf10082235
10092015MSACap, Black Fire10092015
10101535MSACap, Rally Cap, Red/Black10101535


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